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Calm And Loving Dog Acts Up To Help Parents Identify Unsafe Babysitter

A couple had a dog that they adored and felt they could trust so when they welcomed a new baby into their family, they allowed the dog and baby to play together. Instantly, the dog became the baby’s ultimate protector. The dog cared dearly for his beloved human baby brother.

So when the couple moved to a new area and had to hire a new babysitter for their baby, they were alarmed when the dog would act up anytime the babysitter got near the baby. The dog was otherwise calm and loving. They had never seen him get so irritated with another person before and so the behavior was quite alarming.

Watch the video to learn what the dog was trying to tell his humans about the babysitter and how the family made the discovery.


The dog’s protective instincts were extremely helpful in this case.


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