Dog Creates A Brilliant Plan To Watch Neighbor’s Dogs Play After His View Is Blocked By New Fence


When a married couple named Melody and her husband moved into their new home, they noticed that the neighbor’s dog just loved looking through the chain linked fence and watching their own dogs play. But when they put in a wooden fence next to the chain fence, the dog’s view went away and he could no longer see their dogs playing. So the dog had to figure something out!

The neighbor’s dog came up with a brilliant plan and just started digging a hole in the ground underneath the fence. The dog dug and dug and finally created a peephole where he could watch the other dogs playing in the backyard again. 

Now the dog gets to watch the other dogs play again whenever he wants and it’s the cutest thing ever!

That is one smart dog to have come up with a plan like that so he could watch the dog play again. This is one adorable story!