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9 Biggest Dog Fears You Didn’t Realize Until Now

dog fears
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Fear of thunder

The technical term for this fear is Astraphobia. In dogs, at least, it usually occurs in various situations, but it is generally believed that no dog is indifferent to this atmospheric phenomenon.

Some pets could even show a milder form of fear of thunder; they only tremble, lower their ears, and bend their little tail under their body. Other dogs that are much more afraid of thunder will feel the need to hide in different parts of your home where they feel safest.

They could even act in a destructive manner to help soothe their anxiety. Lots of dogs lose control over urinating and even defecation.

Fear of firecrackers

Firecrackers and fireworks are definitely something that almost any dog fears because of the loud sound they produce.

This doesn’t surprise anyone, as dogs have a much more developed sense of hearing compared to humans. If we take into account the light effects that come with those bangs and bursts, it’s not that surprising that dogs rapidly develop a phobia of these two things.

The fear can be easily mitigated by desensitizing your pets. What’s troubling is that the intensity of such fear could cause your dog to run away from home.

And unfortunately, in some instances, this fear could be so deeply rooted that you’d have to resort to serious medical attention.

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