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9 Biggest Dog Fears You Didn’t Realize Until Now

dog fears
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Fear of going to the vet

I don’t know if there’s a dog out there that isn’t afraid of going to the vet. This is generally related to the first experience that has been associated with the veterinary clinic.

Whether we are talking about unusual smells, being touched and held by unknown people throughout an examination, getting a vaccine, or many other instances, dogs always remember the space in which they suffered or experienced any kind of pain.

To prevent such fears or reduce the level of anxiety that’s usually linked to the vet’s office, you might want to consider something a bit more peculiar.

You need to replace the bad memories, and that’s why going several times on spontaneous trips to the vet might help. It can simply be a social visit where the dog can feel relaxed and “socialize” with a vet.

Fear of car rides

Even though most dogs would instantly hop in the car full of excitement, other dogs have this phobia. Generally, if your dog fears car rides, it could be related to a previous car-riding experience that was unpleasant.

If the dog feels carsick and a bit nauseous during the drive, the chances of him wanting to ride ever again are incredibly slim. If the ride results in a visit to a veterinarian or, even worse, being left at a shelter, then fear is even more justified.

The fear of cars in dogs could be alleviated and even eliminated by regular, short car rides, which could, ultimately, cause satisfaction.

If you take your dog to a brand new place to go for a walk or to visit a friend whom your dog loves, then at some point, your dog will stop connecting car rides with negative emotions.

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