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These 14 Lap Dog Breeds Stick to Their Owners Like Glue

lap dog breeds
Photo by Masarik from Shutterstock

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Another cutie, just look at his face and how happy it is! The corgi might be the ideal little to medium-sized dog for you if you’re looking for an excellent canine friend. This breed is still manageable for most individuals, weighing about 24 to 30 pounds.

Smart and rather easy to teach, corgis are. With their tiny, short legs, they are likewise very cute. Because corgis are herding dogs by nature, regular exercise is necessary, although daily walks will do. The corgi require very little maintenance, which is quite convenient.

West Highland White Terrier

Westies are quite easy to manage and make wonderful friends. The breed is smaller and less delicate than the Pomeranian or Maltese, weighing between 13 and 20 pounds.

Though not as frequently as other dogs on this list, the Westie needs some maintenance. The Westie is generally amiable and low-maintenance. And adorable! I almost forgot its precious quality.

Brussels Griffon

When the Belgian queen fell in love with the breed, the Brussels griffon—which was first kept to drive vermin out of stables—graduated to laps. This social dog likes being near its owners and has a charming face that resembles a cross between an Ewok and an irritable old man.

Now, let me tell you which one of these lap dog breeds is your favorite. I am waiting for your answers right in the comments section.

If you’re on a roll for more cuteness and funny facts about dogs, check out another article on the page: 13 Quirky Dog Facts to Know. 

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