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13 Quirky Dog Facts to Know

How many dog facts do you know? 

Here at Cute Animal Planet, we’re all dog fans, and we never stop chasing for more and more reasons to love them even more. With their pretty eyes begging for attention and cuddles, these four-legged family members give us the most pure affection and loyalty.

Some of these dog facts may be familiar to you, but there will be a couple more of an “Oh, really?” Whether you’re having a bad day and you need to cheer up or you’re looking to improve your trivia skills, this article is for you.

Let’s have some fun with these dog facts:

dog facts
Photo by Dvorakova Veronika from Shutterstock

1. Their sense of taste is less developed than that of humans

Did you know that dogs have around one-sixth of human taste buds? For this reason, dogs will gulp down grass or rotten food leftovers just as eagerly as they would a bowl of cereal or a piece of steak.

Their innate scavenging impulses from their time as scavengers in the wild also contribute to their less sophisticated taste buds. That doesn’t mean you have to give them spoiled food! It’s better to stick to their regular dog food and treats occasionally.

2. They also dream at night

This is one of the cutest dog facts, and when we first read about it, we were all like, “Woah,” but it is 100% true. If your dog has ever twitched while it was sleeping, it is most likely dreaming. Researchers discovered that dogs’ sleep habits and brain activity are comparable to those of humans. Interestingly, it seems that tiny dog breeds are more likely than large dog types to dream.

Most probably they imagine everyday pursuits like playing in the backyard or chasing their tail. It’s fun to be a dog!

3. Tail-wagging doesn’t mean they’re happy

It is common knowledge that when a dog wags its tail, it means it is happy and excited to see you. But the reality isn’t exactly like this. According to various research studies, dogs do that to communicate with you. When they wag their tail to the right, it means they’re happy, and when they do that to the left, it means they’re afraid of something.

Moreover, low tail wagging indicates insecurity, whereas fast tail wagging along with stiff muscles or dilated pupils may indicate hostility.

4. Dogs have three eyelids

This is one of those “wow” dog facts that not many people have heard about! Not even dog owners. But it’s true: dogs have three eyelids. The ‘haw’ or nictitating membrane, which is the third lid, is in charge of lubricating and protecting the eye.

5. They don’t love hugs that much

Surprising, right? There is no doubt you love your pooch, but hugging it nonstop might not make it feel comfortable. And this is because we have different love languages. They like to sit near you and leave all their body weight on your lap, and this is a huge sign of trust.

Although dogs may adjust and get accustomed to being hugged by their loved ones, you should still exercise caution when giving hugs to dogs you don’t know well or when allowing strangers to embrace your dog. After all, they’re still animals and have other instincts than us!

6. Dogs yawn continuously because they’re anxious… not because they’re sleepy

We bet you never thought about that, didn’t you? But the truth is that dogs don’t really yawn when they’re sleepy. They do that when they’re stressed out or anxious about something. The yawn is meant to calm their nervous system. So next time, when your pooch is yawning loudly and often, watch out for the things around you. Maybe there is something that they feel threatened about.

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7. Dog’s noses are wet because…

…They’re healthy? That’s true, too, but veterinarians say that a dog’s nose stays moist because it aids in absorbing smell molecules. Their nose is very different from the human nose because it produces a unique type of mucus that, when licked, helps them detect scents.

8. Dogs curl up in their beds to protect themselves

We know you love it when your pooch does it and you take hundreds of pictures of it, but in reality, they do that for a reason. Not out of cuteness! Let’s see why. Their basic tendency is to curl up to keep themselves warm and save their important organs.

9. Dogs can figure out what time it is

You’ll be surprised to find out, but dogs can distinguish between one and six hours. Your dog will be able to predict everyday events like walks and meals with adequate conditioning and training, provided that these activities take place at around the same time every day.

10. The Ewoks in Star Wars were based on a dog

Star Wars fans, this is for you! If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise’s cute yet mischievous Ewoks, you may be surprised to learn that the inspiration for them was a dog. The Ewoks were modeled by George Lucas after his family dog. That’s adorable!

11. Dog’s kisses aren’t exactly a sign of affection

Your dog may be trying to kiss you when it licks your face, and occasionally it is. Dogs kiss each other to form bonds, just like a mother dog licks her young puppies. However, a dog’s natural tendency to lick its mother’s face points out that she is about to vomit food for the puppy to eat, so that might also be a factor.

dog facts
Photo by Chendongshan from Shutterstock

12. They love the Beatles because they can understand the lyrics

Dogs can hear a lot of the sounds that humans produce, which is not surprising. The Beatles, ironically, focused on this fact in their classic song “A Day in the Life.”

Paul McCartney revealed this by stating that a frequency that only dogs can hear had been added by the end of the song. Hmm, so that’s why my dog was so relaxed and happy after I listened to this hit. Good to know! I’ll play it more often then.

Play the song, observe your dog toward the conclusion, and keep in mind that dogs can benefit from music just as much as people can and that it can even be helpful for anxious dogs.

13. Dogs can learn up to 1000 words

This is definitely one of the best dog facts: Dogs can learn more than 1,000 words! For instance, Chaser, a Border Collie, can form an action since it understands both verbs and nouns. Furthermore, besides being able to learn so many words, dogs can also count. Wow! Don’t tell this secret to your kids or grandkids; otherwise, your pooch will end up doing their math homework. Ha, ha!

Universities including Barnard College, Yale University, and Duke University have dog psychology departments, indicating that research on the topic is booming which means soon we will be able to know even more stuff about these four-legged adorable companions.

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