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A Forever Home is Still In Search of Big Boi Basher, ‘the Dribble King’

Poor Basher was returned to the Cornwall RSPCA just hours after we announced Basher’s adoption on Facebook.

According to the post, a home was offered for Basher recently, but sadly, the situation did not work out. A couple with experience with his breed was taken in, but he did not adapt to their lifestyle.

It can be stressful to bring in a new puppy into your home. Even when you visit a shelter to see a dog’s personality, you never really know how well he’ll adapt to your home and lifestyle until he’s there. Therefore, even experienced pet owners can run into roadblocks, so it is strongly encouraged that first-time pet owners do their research before getting a puppy.

Jenna Stregowski, RVT and Daily Paws’ pet health and behavior editor says the Cornwall RSPCA told her Basher was a maniac in his new home. “This wasn’t surprising given that he grew up in a kennel. Some dogs take a long time to adjust, while others never do. The RSPCA makes a good recommendation that Basher gradually gets a new home to adjust to home life. He will need training, socialization, and a lot of exercises.

Although no tried and the true definition of what constitutes an “experienced” dog owner exists, there are some traits all experienced owners share, including an understanding of which breed is best suited to their lifestyle.

Some pups need the right home, rather than just any home, when looking for a devoted forever home. Despite a few months of searching online and a solid social media push, giant Corso Basher seems to have found the right family in Cornwall, England.

The RSPCA writes that Basher came to them as a stray after being picked up from another facility on its social media sites. From the beginning, RSPCA staff could see how sweet he was and how friendly he was. However, it was clear that he would need a very specific environment to be happy.


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