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10 Things You Do That Your Dog Absolutely Hates

You love your dog to the moon and back and would do just about anything to keep your furry best friend happy and healthy. But no matter how much you try to spend as much time with them, feed them healthy foods and play with all sorts of dog toys, there are things you do that your dog absolutely hates. The language barrier isn’t helping either.

You might think you know all the sounds your dog makes when they like or dislike something or all the reactions to certain situations. But the truth is, in the absence of real and clear communication, there are many situations when dogs and their owners are not on the same page.

According to Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, a veterinarian and content creator, this miscommunication makes people do exactly what their dogs hate. Curious to know if you’ve made any mistakes that your four-legged friend disliked? Then read on to find out 10 things you’re doing that your dog absolutely hates.

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Things You Do That Your Dog Absolutely Hates:

1. They hate when you force them to do their business quickly

As explained by Christman, dogs completely dislike being dragged out and rushed to do their business, just because you’re in a hurry to do something else. Veterinarians recommend taking your dog out for a potty break when you know you have sufficient time to have a relaxed walk.

Rather than pulling in their leash and forcing them to do their business, allow them to explore and find the perfect spot.  According to veterinarians, when not rushed and ordered around, dogs are more likely to finish their business faster. Makes sense, after all, you wouldn’t like for someone to say “hurry up” a thousand times while on the toilet, right?

  1. They hate being walked in extreme weather

Would you like to go for a walk during terrible weather conditions? Well, then what makes you think that your furry friend would be any different? Don’t take them when it’s way too hot or way too cold,” says Christman.

Before dragging your dog out for a walk that they don’t want, check the weather. This way you can plan their potty breaks when they’ll actually enjoy it. “Moving your walks and runs to early morning or late afternoon will allow your dog to safely exercise all year long,” says Gary Yarnell, DVM, a veterinarian with Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital in Rye, New York.

  1. They hate when you stop them from sniffing

If there’s something you need to remember when talking about your dog, it’s that it’s their walk. They decide where and what to do during their time out. One of the things dog owners forget, especially when they are in a hurry (and this happens quite often) is that dogs love sniffing. It’s their way of gathering information about their surroundings.

“Sniffing gives them purpose,” Christman says. So, don’t take away their purpose to fulfill yours. Allow both of you to be relaxed, happy and achieve one’s goal for the day, whatever that may be.

  1. They hate when you don’t create a routine

They may not seem to, but just like children, dogs also like predictable things. They like to know what’s going to happen next and thrive in an organized and consistent environment. In the case of dogs, this means giving them their food at the same hours, taking them out for potty breaks and regular intervals and even playing with them based on a schedule.

“They hate when you don’t have a routine,” the veterinarian warns. “Be consistent. It’ll make for a better dog.”

  1. They hate when you choose the same route every day

As previously explained, dogs like routines. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t get bored of having the same route on and on, every single day. As a matter of fact, they like to have different walks every once in a while. This allows them to explore the neighborhood better and smell all sorts of things to collect useful information.

So, be a good boy, or girl, and take different routes from time to time to make your furry friend happy.

  1. They hate when their collar is too tight

No one likes to be kept on a tight leash. Dogs included. As used as they might be with wearing collars and walking on a leash, dogs absolutely hate it when their collars are too tight. It makes them agitated and anxious.

Allow your dog to have a pleasant walk by keeping its collar loose (in the case of aggressive dogs, muzzles are for safety purposes). To know how loose a collar should be, Christmas says “you should be able to get two fingers underneath their collar.”

Once the walk is over and you’re in the privacy of your home, you can take the dog’s collar off to avoid unwanted irritation marks.

  1. They hate when you don’t cut their nails

Long nails can cause splitting, and chipping and create a painful pressure on the nail bed. That’s why it’s your job to have your dog’s nails trimmed, either at home or at the vet’s office. As explained by PetMD, most dogs need to have their nails cut every three to four weeks. Another sign that it’s time for nail trimming is when the dog’s nails touch the ground when the dog is standing and make a noise when walking on the floor.

According to Christman, dogs absolutely dislike long nails as they prevent them from getting traction, they make them slip and fall.

  1. They hate when you leave them home alone

Dogs are usually social animals (with a few exceptions) which means they love spending time with humans, especially their favorite ones. When they are left alone for too long, they start feeling lonely and sad. Luckily, you can fix this problem by either taking them to an animal daycare or asking someone to check on them and maybe play with them while you’re away. This will keep them entertained and happy until you get home.

  1. They hate when you force them to “apologize”

Again, similar to children, dogs don’t like to be forced to do something (even if it’s a good thing in the owner’s eyes) against their will. Because, yes, dogs do have their own will, you know!

Whenever your dog makes a “mistake”, you might be tempted to elicit an “apology” from them. They don’t know how to say sorry, they just feel bad for upsetting you. According to Christman, shaming them will have the opposite effect. Instead, try rewarding their positive behavior whenever you can; this will make them repeat that positive behavior in the future.

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  1. They hate when you don’t have time to play with them

It’s common knowledge that a dog’s favorite activity is playing ( or at least most dogs love it). Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that dogs don’t take you forgetting to play with them lightly. You don’t even have to do much. Just toss a ball, run in the park, play with a rope toy, or whatever makes your dog happy and active. Play will only strengthen your connection even further.

“Get on the floor and have a good time with them. They love it!” says Christman. Ready to roll over?

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