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Watch Sadie Wait Outside All Day for Her Dad in this TikTok video that has gone viral

Thank goodness we all adore our dogs, and they probably adore us, too. Do you think your dog would wait outside for you to return home for an entire day? That’s what Sadie did when she was rescued in West Virginia.

Tim’s black Ford F-250 will arrive for hours and hours, waiting for her to lay, stand, or sit in their driveway. In a video posted on TikTok last week, Sadie’s mom, Sara Fitzwater of Summersville, West Virginia, compiled the event. Over 7.8 million people have viewed the videos of Sadie staring out onto the road accompanied by the message “My husband saved this every day now she waits for him every day to come home”-so far.

The dog’s dedication is something Sara Fitzwater has never seen before.

There’s a good reason behind Sadie’s decision. Tim had noticed her smiling face earlier this year when he went to a mining site for work. Tim would send back photos of her to the family when she was left there, and she was always happy to see him. Now you see what is happening.

After giving in, we just let him take her home,” Sara says.

In April, Sadie-who Sara thinks is a mix between a pit bull and Labrador, with maybe a bit of hunting dog in there-joined Samson, a 13-year-old rescue, and Alex, a mini-dachshund. Sara, who works from home and sees Tim arrive home each day, says that is when she started waiting for him to arrive home.

Outside dogs wait several days for their owners, as seen in a now-viral TikTok video. When it rains, Sara says Sadie retreats to the garage or porch for protection but keeps both eyes glued to the road out front. Waiting is a lot of work. When Tim leaves for work, he usually goes for eight to ten hours-a long period of time to worry he won’t return.

However, he does return! Sara’s video following Tim’s return shows him zooming around in joy after his return.

Sara says that she is thrilled when he arrives.

The TikTok was posted because she (rightfully) thought it was cute, not knowing it would become wildly popular. Nevertheless, who does not enjoy watching a man and his dog bond together?

Sara says, “I think she won the lottery when she smiled at him.”.


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