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9 Affectionate Dog Breeds That Will Love You To The Moon And Back

Photo by Ekaterina_Sheshina from Envato Elements

#6 Cocker Spaniel

They were initially bred as hunting dogs, but now they are the best companions for your family! Whether they’re strolling all around the backyard with the kids or snuggling up next to their elderly owner on the couch, the Cocker Spaniel will brighten your day with their long fluffy ears and their cute, silly faces.

They have a sweet disposition and a loving, energetic attitude, and they love nothing more than to spend the day playing and being active with their owners or family while cuddling up for some snuggle time and attention. This breed will make a wonderful addition to any family looking for a dog with a gentle personality.

They make a fantastic breed of dog for single people looking for a friend they can love and show affection to. In exchange, the Cocker Spaniel will often give good quality snuggling time.

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