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9 Affectionate Dog Breeds That Will Love You To The Moon And Back

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Photo by David Herraez Calzada from shutterstock.com

#7 Jack Russell Terrier

Although they were bred in Australia by British immigrants who took their dogs with them to assist in controlling vermin infestations in their new houses, Jack Russell Terriers have their roots in working terriers from Britain.

Since being born in Australia in the 1970s, Jack Russell Terriers have gained popularity as family pets all over the world and are now among the most commonly portrayed dog breeds in movies!

The devoted Jack Russell terrier is a small, intelligent buddy who is highly devoted to his owners. The majority of Jack Russells, as well as Jack Russell mixes, enjoy spending as much time as possible with their families and will almost certainly jump up onto your lap to give you some dog kisses. They are extremely energetic and alert, which are classic terrier characteristics.

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