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Firefighter adopts dog he helped rescue from SUV engine compartment

The little puppy was given the name Grace by firefighter James Tooter Hayes. Sweet!

An SUV engine compartment proved to be a home for a small dog trapped inside the engine compartment. Her rescuer has become her forever family.

A Dallas dog was rescued by firefighters last week, according to KDFW. A tire had to be removed to get to the trapped dog, a two-hour ordeal. She was taken to the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center by rescuers after being freed from the car, the Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate reported. James Tooter Hayes, a firefighter, showed up two days later.

The pup had been rescued by him and he decided to adopt her. Grace was the name given to her.

Dallas Fire-Rescue posted on Facebook that its members serve and protect humans and animals alike by #Caring, #Serving, and #Protecting. Last but not least… I’d like to thank James Tooter Hayes for demonstrating love and compassion for Grace that she clearly hadn’t received before.

Thanks to Dallas Fire-Rescue Fire Station 31 and Dallas Fire Station #17 for responding to a 911 call…

Hayes lives on a ranch with plenty of room and lots of animals, according to the TV station. That sounds like a pretty sweet life for our little friend!

I am thankful that it’s a good story, said Kari Keeton, the SUV’s owner. “We were all very involved in making sure the dog was taken care of,” she told a local news station. In public service, we have to see the worst of society, so this became a great story.”


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