7 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Florida

Image By Masarik From Shutterstock

It’s a well-known fact that Americans love dogs. They are the most popular pet in the whole nation. Now, if we want to find out what the most popular dogs are in Florida, that is not the easiest task. There is not a kennel club that has statistics on the favorite canines from every state. Hopefully, with the help of some organizations and their surveys, we now have a better idea about which dogs people in Florida prefer.

For example, the Sunshine State gets pretty hot in the summer, and this is the reason dog owners will choose to have dogs that love water. In this way, they can take their pups to the beach or let them swim in the pool.

Statistics show that 39.8% of Florida households have a dog. Also in 2020, Tampa was named the most pet-friendly city in America. Read on and find out what the most popular breeds are in the state of Florida!