Woman Brings A Puppy Home And Convinces Her Husband To Allow Him To Stay


A woman wanted a dog so badly, that she decided to use a little trickery to get her husband to agree to it. You see, her husband really disliked large dogs, or so he thought. So when she brought a new puppy home, she convinced him that the puppy was a Jack Russel Terrier puppy so her husband wouldn’t know that he would grow extremely large.

But then the dog just kept growing. As the dog grew though, her husband’s love for the dog named Yogi also grew. The puppy is actually a great dane, which grows quite large.

Watch the video to learn more about what happens next and how this family deals with the realization that the dog wasn’t who they thought he was.

It might have started out as a lie, but it truly did make the family grow in a unique way.


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