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These Cute Animals Have The Best Selfies You’ll Ever See

Today, it is not just humans who are taking over social media. In addition, our pets, animals from the zoo and wildlife had found their way around the internet. The shots looked easy, however, hours were used to take the perfect picture. If you want to take selfies with animals, just be careful not to upset them and above all, get their trust first and the result will be worth it.

Animals are hungry for a photo or two and they have mastered the art of the selfie too. People worldwide are going crazy over animal selfies, for instance, some took pictures with endangered and sometimes even dangerous predators. Just be careful before taking selfies of an unwilling creature, in other words, it takes patience and skills. We have collected pictures of the best selfie moments of “born-photogenic” cute animals. Fill your day with fun while browsing the pictures below.

1. A cool dog needs a hoodie

2. Run for your life selfie

3. Out in a hole

4. Big dog, huge heart

5. The best things in life are furry

3. Yeah, it’s a party in the USA

4. In coming photo bomber at the back

5. Lighting is good here, let me take a selfie

6. Yahoo! New phone alert, lemme try the camera

7. The penguins liked candid shots, however, I like being the photo bomber it’s much cooler this way

8. Holding on for the selfie 

9. Happy teeth

10. This was supposed to be a stolen shot but my camera almost fell

11. I woke up like this

cute animals selfie

12. My dog is my better half

13. I was trying to get a good angle when I saw them coming, I’m doomed run run run

14. Hurry! take the picture

15. Shellfie time

16. We are three horses trying to fit in 

17. My perfect view

18. Let me show you my best angle

19. Can’t have a selfie without the kiddos, in other words, I can only have pictures in group

20. Quick selfie before my run

21. The modified selfie stick of Australia’s quokka

There are many reasons to take selfies with these cute animals, first, they create awareness that they too can have perfect shots with humans, above all, their emotions were priceless as seen on camera. Did they brighten your day and lighten your mood today?


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