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10+ Examples of Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Dog Play In the Mud

These dogs are down to get dirty, literally! Many of these dogs most likely don’t love bath time. However, they sure do love running around in the rain and rolling around in the mud. When it comes to that fresh rain smell outside, these dogs can’t help but to enjoy the outdoors.

From head to toe, these pups rolled around in everything that nature has to offer. Even though it will probably take an hour or two to clean up after their pets, the pictures that these owners captured are priceless.

1. This pup took a “speciality mud spa face mask” to a whole new level.

2. All smiles before and after his time outside!

3. I think he only meant to dip his paw in the mud, oops!

4. This new mud mask makes this dog look 10 years younger!

5. He must’ve had a really great set of goggles!

6. “I can see clearly now the rain is gone!”

7. This dog decided to take more than just mud with him. He has the whole bush too!

8. Yum!

9. Chameleon powers activated!

10. They are in this (mud) together

11. It looks like someone is ready for bath time, I wonder if the owner is…

12. Looks like not only the dog but the car will have to get washed too

13. This dog takes being completely covered in mud to a whole new level. I don’t think theres even an inch of clean on this muddy pupper!

So how do you think bath time when for these dogs and their owners after? I don’t know about you but I dig these dirty dogs. Talk about a mud-extravaganza!


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