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Man Constructs Mini Picnic Table For The Neighborhood Squirrels

A man named Rick Kalinowski decided that if the neighborhood squirrels were going to hang around, they might as well have a nice place to do so.  This man decided that he would put his experience as a plumber and handyman to the test. Kalinowski decided that his squirrels needed a proper place to dine in his own backyard.

So, Kalinowski put his knowledge to the test and created a miniature picnic table for his squirrel visitors. He chose to include a bench and everything with a mini dish of delectable goodies included!

Kalinowski says that he enjoys waking up in the morning and giving the birds their feed and the squirrels a variety of nuts to eat. Often times, he makes his coffee and puts on the news and watches everyone munch away at their meals. He says that during these uncertain times, it brings him lots of joy to know he can bring some happiness to his local wildlife.

With his knowledge as a handyman, he used some spare wood from one of his projects to construct the table. He took many photos and videos to share with his neighbors. He thought it would bring some good spirits and entertainment to others. Below is the video he took of the table in action.

Kalinowski is making a great use of his time when stuck inside during these uncertain times. He says that he is so glad to see squirrels come and enjoy his creation. It brings him just as much joy as it brings the squirrels!


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