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These Animals Are Unrecognizable During A Fun Car Ride

Traveling with your pets is a great way to avoid trauma and the expense of boarding your cats or dogs. When traveling long distance, it’s always important to make sure that your animals are accustomed to traveling in a car. For instance, just taking them on short trips every once in a while can really help get them acclimated to being in a car. Of course, many animals are naturally happy being in cars, especially when they can stick their heads out the window and take in the cool breeze! It’s just the most adorable thing when you see a dog sticking it’s head out the window!

If you love seeing animals riding in cars and sticking their heads out the window, then you’re going to love these animals below! They’re almost unrecognizable as the wind blows in their faces!

1. Say cheese

2. Why do I look angry here?

3. The dog’s eye!

4. The dog with no face!

5. There’s too much wind in here!

6. Go faster!

7. Move over! We are in a hurry!

8. The most well-behaved passenger!

9. What we are going on a 1-day ride?

10. Take me to the beach please!

11. The window too small for these two!

12. The long and winding road nap!

13. Ugh! Too much traffic!

14. Are we there yet?

15. Me after seeing the holiday traffic!

These animals are just too funny! They love being in the car and we love driving with them! Hope this brought a bright smile to your face!


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