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10+ Animals Who Will Inspire You To Start Doing Yoga

Have you ever thought of animals doing yoga? The ancient practice of yoga practice was human invention but that doesn’t mean that animals can’t get it in on the fun too. The animal named yoga pose is common because the early yogis were influenced by what was around them. Among them are the downward-facing dog, cat pose, fish pose and a lot more. In addition, yoga was first practiced by animals, the simple stretching called the cobra pose is done by animals after a long sleep.

If you need a morning routine, but not motivated to do so, then these images might help you. We have collected images of animals doing yoga poses that will inspire you to start doing yoga, so let’s take a look at them as they move with their breath through every pose.

1. The “cobra pose”

2. The “cat pose”

3. Downward-facing dog, even lions do it too

4. Cute dog doing yoga practice at home, Breath in, breath out


5. Mom, I can finally do a headstand

6. I’m a stay at home mom, this me trying to follow an online class

7. Did somebody say plow pose “halasana”.  Men I can’t control my legs I think I’m going to roll.

8. My kind of sun salutation

9. Boat pose

10. I am still working on my core

11. Who’s in for a “happy baby pose”

12. Squirrel’s “chair pose”

13. Cat’s are very flexible that they nailed the “seated bend pose”

14. Raised “arms pose”

15. The sloth was doing seated side stretch and tourist decided to join in

16. Because I am tired I will just do the child’s pose

17. The most difficult pose the “corpse pose” or “savasana”

18. Thank you for practicing with me “Namaste”

Apart from being our companion they also liked fitness similar to their fur parents. Therefore, having such cute animals gives us the opportunity to practice and incorporate yoga and play with your fur babies. Did they inspire you enough?


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