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A Proud Grizzly Bear Belly Flops into the Family Pool

During the scorching summer heat, grizzly bears need to cool off too!  This grizzly bear decided to climb the ladder and go belly first into the cool blue water.

Gladly, he cooled off in his backyard pool and swam around happily as this man recorded. And surprisingly, he was joined by another furry friend. However, it’s not as surprising as you may think that this bear loves the water. Grizzly bears are naturally born swimmers and enjoy hunting and swimming in streams. For this grizzly bear, it’s natural for him to jump into the nearest body of water. However, I think his focus wasn’t on hunting fish but rather cooling down. So really, it’s no wonder why the grizzly bear is having so much fun flopping around. In the video, you need to see what happens not only once, but twice!


I don’t know about you but I was really hoping that he would hop up on the board and yell “Cowabunga!” I swear it really seems like he has been practicing his whole life for this moment to finally show the onlookers his grand flop into the pool. Is there such a thing as a belly flop competition? Because I think this bear would absolutely take home the gold. And towards the end, you can see he flashed a quick smile at the camera. I think this bear knew the spotlight was on him. There’s no doubt in my mind that this bear is anything but happy!



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