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9 Cute But Deadly Animals

Photo by Nazzu from shutterstock.com

#7 Wolverine

Wolverines are known scientifically as “Gulo gulo”, which is basically Latin for “Glutton Glutton.” These creatures appear to be true superheroes, both in terms of what and how much food they are capable of eating and also in terms of how well they manage to survive in the northern woodlands and alpine tundra where they live.

The X-Men comics and movie’s widespread popularity highlighted this weasel’s aggressive disposition. The wolverine can knock down animals as large as sheep or moose and take food from both wolves and bears thanks to its strong jaws, razor-sharp claws, and thick hide.

Most people probably associate wolverines with their attitude. They are not afraid of much larger predators like wolves or bobcats, and they defend themselves when attacked. However, they are not reported to assault people.

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