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9 Cute But Deadly Animals

Photo by Oksana Golubeva from shutterstock.com

#5 Pfeffer’s Flamboyant Cuttlefish

Don’t attempt to hug this cuttlefish. Although cute and colorful, the displays of this fish function as a warning. This cuttlefish is poisonous, and its muscles contain a highly dangerous substance, just like some squid and octopuses. This is the only type of cuttlefish known to be poisonous.

Even though cuttlefish are rarely seen near people, their poison is thought to be highly fatal and can be comparable to that of the blue-ringed octopus, according to MarineBio. Under those tentacles lies a razor-sharp beak where cuttlefish store their venom. Calcium is a component of cuttlebone. This calcareous cuttlebone is frequently given to birds as calcium supplements or to sharpen their beaks.

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