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This Cat Can’t Get Enough Of Her New Best Friend

Growing up as a shelter cat, Grace had a rough upbringing. Finally 5 years ago, she was picked up by a loving family that could support her in a new home.

The family noticed that Grace wasn’t the cuddly, loving type of cat and that she preferred to have distance between her and others. From time to time, Grace would show affection but nothing major. She was an independent kitty who didn’t need much comforting until she met the newest member of her family.

Her mom, Jeannie Seiler-Laderer, thought that Grace was going to have a difficult time accepting the new member of the house. However, the exact opposite happened. A new side to Grace came to the forefront and Grace couldn’t get enough of their new baby boy, Jensen.

Suddenly, Grace started to follow Jensen around and seemed to always wonder where he was. When Jensen had to take naps, Grace was always there beside him. Their mother, Jeannie, said that Grace seemed to have turned a new leaf and was very accepting and overly cuddly with their newest member. She really couldn’t believe it.

It’s become a routine that Grace cuddles with Jensen. Their mom says that sometimes she has to make sure that Grace doesn’t sneak into her morning bassinet. She thinks it could become a safety hazard if she’s not careful. Luckily, Grace has always been gentle with Jensen.

After all, we are in love with this cute cuddly family. We are so happy that Grace turned a new leaf and is so cuddly and accepting of the new family member!


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