Dog With Rare Disease Gets Rescued And Brought Back To Health, Now He Is So Grateful To Be Saved

This one year old Border Collie had a rare disease that was so painful that she couldn’t be touched, so they took her to a rescue and rehab center in Prosper, Texas where she was cared for until she was healthy again. Then it was time for the dog, then named Kong, to get on the rescue’s website, where she became known as dog #387. 

Lucky for Kong, a kind man named Curtis Hartsell had seen his picture and immediately knew that this was the dog for him. He just loved the dog’s big smile and “curious eyes”, so he went in for numerous interviews and even a home visit. Then his application got approved! Kong would become his new rescue dog that he would love forever!

When Curtis went to Kong’s foster home to pick him up, a friend of his came with him and captured the beautiful moment when this once lost dog gets united with his new loving owner, Curtis! Curtis renamed Kong and gave him the new name ZIB, a name taken from a famous Soviet space dog.

Curtis loves Kong so much and as you can see, they were just meant to be together! Watch the entire story below!


That was just a beautiful, heartwarming moment. We’re so happy to see ZIB finally get to live in a loving home like all dogs deserve to!


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