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Woman Rescues Terrified Dog Near River With An Anchor Tied Around His Neck – This Just Broke My Heart

Here is yet another animal rescue story that will just break your heart. For the life of me I will never understand how some people can be so cruel to animals, like this dog who was found near a river with an anchor tied around it’s neck.

A woman named Audra had been driving in her car near a river by her home in Lithuania when she saw a Spaniel dog on the side of the road. When she got closer she saw that this terrified dog literally had an anchor tied around his neck. Somehow this dog had survived the horrible situation of being in water with an anchor around his neck and somehow got himself out of his “watery grave” and back onto land. 

The woman picked up the dog and brought him home to remove the anchor from his neck and then brought him to the vet. The dog is now in a local care rescue organization and is being well looked after until he finds his new forever home. The woman who found him even contacted the police and they soon found the dog’s owner, but it is still unclear how this horrible thing happened to this dog. 

If this was indeed done on purpose to the dog, we’ll never understand why and it just breaks our heart. But for now, we at least know this dog is now safe and in a shelter being looked after. Watch this dog’s entire rescue story below!



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