This Stray Dog Thanks Woman Who Feeds Him Every Day By Bringing Her Gifts In Exchange For Food

Meet Tua Plu, this super adorable and sweet stray dog in Thailand who is so incredibly appreciative of the woman who feeds him every day. In fact, this dog is so thankful and grateful (and clever!) that he literally brings her gifts whenever wants to get fed.

Watch as Tua brings presents to this woman in exchange for food. It’s usually a leaf or piece of paper that he brings to her, but either way, he is being super sweet by giving this woman whatever gifts he can find!

Even more amazing is that since this video went viral, Tua has become famous on social media and has many people wanting to adopt him now. Isn’t that just amazing?! Watch the entire video below!

Tua is one grateful dog and he sure loves to show it. What a sweet dog to bring gifts to the woman who feeds him everyday! 


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