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Shelter Dog Reaches Out Paw For Someone To Save Him – Then Woman Notices Him Before It Was Too Late

Being a dog in a shelter can be a very lonely and difficult thing, so it is no wonder this cute Pit Bull shelter dog named JJ was in need of some attention. Whenever people would walk past JJ’s kennel at the shelter, he would reach out his paw and ask them for some attention and help. 

JJ the Pit Bull was rescued in Dallas on a road called Dowdy Ferry Road, which is actually a common drop off area for dogs. It’s also actually a very dangerous drop off location for dogs as there is a big chance of them getting hit by cars, but JJ somehow got lucky and survived. 

Then after two weeks of being in the shelter, JJ was put on the list to be euthanized, which was just so sad and terrifying for any dog. But luckily, one day at the shelter, he got the attention of a kind woman who often visited the shelter to visit dogs. It was actually only at the last minute that JJ got saved, because as the woman was about to leave the shelter that day, JJ had reached out his paw and begged the woman to save him. 

The woman couldn’t resist leaving JJ there, so she decided that she was going to take him out of the shelter, to the vet and then to a temporary home where he could be looked after and taken care of until he found his forever home. 

JJ is living in a foster home now and gets to run around and go on long walks at his foster home, and even gets lot of treats and toys. It’s only a matter of time before he finds his forever home. 

JJ got very lucky that day when the kind woman went to the shelter and saw him reaching out his paw for help. Just imagine if he didn’t reach out to the woman that day and what could have happened to him. We’re just so happy to see JJ alive and happy now. Watch the entire story below!


JJ is one lucky dog to have been saved that day at the shelter. Reaching out his paw was the best thing he could have ever done!


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