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Abandoned Dog With “Swimmer Puppy Syndrome” Found In A Box Beats All The Odds

This dog named Dory was found abandoned in a box when she was just a puppy and has gone through more challenges than one could ever imagine. When Dory was found, she was missing her left foot and even had a syndrome called Swimmer Puppy Syndrome, which is a birth defect that causes a dog’s legs to splay out.

Thankfully, a rescue group helped save Dory and found her a foster home. After getting surgery on her left foot and starting water therapy, Dory showed that she was a strong dog who could fight and beat any challenge put in front of her, even though there would be even more that she’d soon have to face.

Soon after her therapy, Dory began to develop scoliosis and had to get a prosthetic brace and even had to start receiving laser therapy, but no matter what obstacles Dory had to face, she would always beat the odds.

You’re going to be amazed at the amount of challenges Dory has had to face in her short life so far. Watch Dory’s entire story below!

Despite having faced so many challenges in life, Dory has always shown that she is a fighter who is determined to beat all the odds.


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