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Police Officer Sees Dog Digging Through Trash – Turns Out The Dog Was Attempting To Save A Life

In a town called Novo Horizonte, Brazil, a police officer saw a dog who was digging through the trash. It looked like the dog had found something that had four legs and he had it in his mouth, so the officer went and took a closer look and it turned out to be a helpless little puppy who was still alive and breathing!

The officer quickly contacted a local animal rescuer named Marco to get help, but it quickly became apparent that the dog who found the pup didn’t want to leave the pup alone, so they allowed the dog to watch over the pup as much as he wanted while they did whatever it took to save the little pup. 

They put the pup into a nice box with a blanket and let the dog watch over him. But the puppy still needed to be fed and the dog of course wasn’t producing milk, so they brought in another dog named Lupi who had milk and could feed the puppy. 

As you will see in the video, the puppy has improved in health and is growing in strength every day. It’s just amazing that one dog found the puppy and another dog is feeding the puppy. What an amazing rescue story this is! Watch the entire story below!


What an amazing story this is. The dog was just digging through the trash and found a living, breathing puppy. The dog truly found the puppy before it was too late!


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