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Puppy’s Owners Wanted To Euthanize Him Because Of Rare Birth Defect, Then A Vet Tech Saved Him

When this little puppy was born, she was born with a severely cleft palate, so his owners decided that instead of keeping him that they wanted to have him put to sleep instead. Having a cleft palate can be dangerous for dogs since it makes it very difficult to nurse, so the dog’s owners made the decision to put him down. But then a kind vet tech came in for the rescue!

This story had me in tears because the vet tech truly wanted to give the puppy a chance to survive, so she took it home and did whatever she could to get this puppy eating and healthy. She would even tube feed him every day for a couple hours and bring him to work every day so he could get cared for at all times. 

You’re going to be in tears too from this story. The puppy did end up surviving and it’s story is just amazing. Wait until you see the puppy’s transformation! Watch the entire story below!


What a difficult decision that must have been for the owners when they found out the puppy had a cleft palate. Thankfully that vet tech came in and save this pup’s life. What an amazing story!


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