7-Week-Old Puppy Gets Astounding Rescue And Now Can’t Stop Smiling At Caretakers

Layla was a precious little 7-week-old puppy when rescuers found her. She was wandering the streets alone and very skittish of everyone. Rescuers brought her to a shelter but she was still terrified of everything and everyone. To help her get more comfortable, the team was especially patient and gentle with the pup.

The team showered her with love and slowly, Layla realized that this team was here to help. She became the most friendly and cheerful little puppy. With time, she made a big impression on visitors to the shelter and was adopted into a caring and loving home with three other rescue dogs.

Watch the video to see this sweet little puppy in action.

Patience and care goes a long way for animals after they spend time on the streets.


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