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This Dog Was Found Abandoned In A Park With Sad Messages Written On Her Body With Permanent Marker

This stray dog was found roaming around a park in Chillicothe, Ohio with numerous messages written on her body in permanent marker. It just doesn’t make sense how someone could possibly do this to a helpless innocent dog.

The poor dog was found with the words “FREE” and “I AM A GIFT FROM GOD” written on her body and “GOOD HOME ONLY” written on the top of her head. Who in the world would do such a thing like this? 

The people who found her ended up taking her to a shelter where she was soon bathed and cleaned. The shelter then posted this dog’s story on social media and it of course went viral. The dog’s name is Marvella and since her story went viral, she actually had many applicants who were interested in adopting her. Within days she was adopted into her new loving forever home!

It will never make sense how some people can be so cruel to dogs and just abandon them at a park like this, let alone write on their body with permanent marker. Watch the entire rescue story below!


This poor dog sure has been through a lot. We’re just so happy to see that she finally got rescued and ended up in a nice loving home!


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