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Terrified Dog Never Once Wagged Her Tail, But Then She Met Her Foster Dad and Everything Changed

This little dog was so scared that she just didn’t know what to do. Living in a shelter can be a very stressful and scary situation for homeless dogs, so it’s no surprise shelter dogs aren’t wagging their tails and acting happy like most other dogs. Shelter dogs just want to be rescued and taken to a loving home. 

Well, this scared dog was living in a shelter and was just terrified. As you can see in the video, you could just tell by the look in her eyes that she’s saying “please help me”. 

This dog’s name in Blossom and she was rescued from a hoarding situation and taken to a shelter, so life for her has pretty much always been difficult. However, after a while of being in the shelter, her lucky day finally came when she met her foster Dad who changed her life. 

The man who took her home from the shelter knew right away when he saw her that he had to just scoop her up and took her home. At first things were a little difficult for her in her new home because everything was a “first” for her, but then she started to get used to her new home. She wouldn’t even wag her tail for months, but after living in her new foster home for a while, her transformation got so much better. She started to wag her tail, play with other dogs, roll around in the grass and just play like all other dogs do.

You can tell this dog is now one happy little pup and it was all because of the horrible environment she was living in!

Blossom’s transformation is truly remarkable. She was just so scared in that shelter, but she knew the moment she saw her new foster Dad that things would get better! Watch the entire story below!

We’re just so happy to see that man rescue Blossom like this. Dogs truly rely on us humans to take care of them, and that man did the right thing by saving this poor little pup!


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