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Dog Left All Alone In An Empty House For A Long Time – Now He Gets To Experience “Real Love”

When this lady named Lisa Heart, who is a volunteer at the Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Northeast, would start driving with this German Shepherd in her car, she noticed that he would start crying every time the car would start moving. She soon realized that it was because his family had left him all alone all the time in their second home, likely because they didn’t really want him around. The poor dog felt like he was being abandoned every time he got into the car and it started driving. 

Lisa felt so bad for the dog, named Ham, that she posted his story on social media in hopes that it would reach someone that would adopt Ham and bring them to his forever home and give him the love her truly deserves. About a week later, Lisa’s and Ham’s prayers were answered and a kind married couple Neil and Amy reached out and said they wanted to adopt Ham. 

Soon after, they brought Ham to his new home and his reaction to his new home and new family is seriously the sweetest thing I have ever seen. This dog finally got to experience what it’s like to be loved and to live in a loving home.

Once again, it will never make sense why people can be so cruel to dogs. Ham did not deserve to be left all alone in that empty house, but thankfully this story has a sweet ending. Watch Ham’s entire story below!


Knowing Ham got to experience what it’s like to be loved puts the biggest smile on my face. He and every dog on this planet deserve to be loved and that’s all they want!


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