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Dog Followed A Street View Car And The Pictures The Car Took Of The Dog Are So Cute!

Now this is one adorable and hilarious story. A Google Street View car was driving around in Japan’s Kumage district when it ended up snapping a super funny picture when passing by a dog who was just staring at the camera.

Like any dog would do when it sees a weird looking car like a Google Street View car, this dog barked at the car and even chased it wherever it was going. Some of the pictures the Google car’s camera took of the dog are just hilarious. The dog was having so much fun chasing the car around and lucky for us, the car’s camera was able snap up a lot of funny pictures of dog chasing the car from behind.

As you can see from the dog’s face, he’s having quite a lot of fun! These just might be the cutest pictures Google Street View has ever caught on camera! Watch the whole video below and see this dog’s hilarious pictures!


Now that is one happy dog who’s just looking to have some fun chasing cars around the city. Just adorable!


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