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Poor Pitbull Locked In Cage For 2 Years, Now He Gets To Feel “Real Love” For The First Time

This poor scared dog was locked up in a cage that was incredibly too small for his body for over 2 years. As you can see in the video, his legs are folded, he looks dwarfed and he truly looked like he was living a life of misery. This dog was in desperate need of someone to come save him. 

A rescue group named Second Chance Rescue came to save this Pitbull (named Landis) and rushed him to the vet to see if there was anything they could do to fix his legs, which is still a work in progress. But life for Landis at the shelter is a million times better than the poor life he was living in that horrible cage. There’s a Facebook page called “Project Landis” where people can go to check on Landis’ progress at the shelter. Be sure to head on over to it and follow Landis’ progress.

I will never understand how people can be so cruel to dogs like this, but thankfully the Second Chance Rescue got involved and helped. Knowing Landis’ gets to feel what real love is like warms our hearts. 

What a tough life Landis was living for those 2 years in that small cage. It’s just heartbreaking, but it does make us happy to see Landis in the shelter and finally feeling what real love is. He truly won the hearts of the shelter staff too!

Look at Landis after 3 months of being rescued! He’s doing great now and has had an amazing recovery!


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