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Woman Preparing For Hurricane Sees Stray Dog In Need Of Help, Then She Changes Her Life Forever

A woman had been preparing her home in Florida as there was a hurricane on it’s way, when she saw a stray dog roaming around across the street. So she called the dog to come over to her so she could see what was going on with the dog. 

The dog was definitely scared and nervous, but was incredibly hungry too. So the woman gave the dog two bowls of water and three bowls of food, which the dog devoured right away. Then after the dog ate, she opened up to the woman and was much more trusting in her, allowing the woman to pet her and give her scratches. 

The woman had said the dog’s fur had a lot of painful mats and even a section of her fur had tar in it. So she gave the dog a nice bath and shaved her so that she’d feel more comfortable in her fur. It was clear that the dog now knew she was safe with this woman. 

After trying numerous different avenues to try and find the dog’s owners, and even using social media. Then she received a message that said that the pup did indeed live in a nice loving home but her owners had to give her up due to falling on hard times, so they gave her to a new family. Then that family gave her up too and now this dog was left on the streets to survive on it’s own. She must have been just so scared and lonely on the streets by herself. 

But then she met the kind lady in this video who saved her life. The woman fell in love with the dog and decided she would keep her forever and take care of her!

This is such a heartbreaking rescue story. We’re so happy to see this puppy finally find her forever home! Watch her entire rescue story below!


What a tough life this dog has had. She was given up by two owners and left on the streets to survive on her own. Luckily she met the kind lady in this video who saved her and gave her the loving life she deserves!


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