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Dog’s Human Sister Arrives Home After 6 Months Away At College, Their Reaction Is The Cutest Ever!

When these two rescue dog’s human sister, Victoria, went to college, they waited in bed for her every night and looked all over for her, but of course she was away at college and wouldn’t be coming home for a long while. Then six months later Victoria came home and the dog’s reactions to her coming home were all caught on camera, and it’s the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!

Watch as Echo and Toto, the dog’s in this video, see their sister Victoria arriving home and go absolutely bonkers with excitement that she is finally home! For the first time in six months these dogs and Victoria have been reunited and their reaction is the sweetest thing ever!

Now this is one amazing way to be welcomed home after six months! Dogs sure know how to make us feel special! Watch the video below!

Dogs are amazing aren’t they?! They sure know how to make us humans feel special and missed whenever we’re not around!


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