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5 TERRIBLE Dog Genetic Diseases You Can’t Cure

genetic diseases in dogs
Photo by gaikova from Shutterstock

5 Worst genetic diseases dogs can have:

The fact that DNA plays a huge role in dog diseases shouldn’t come as a shock. DNA has a say in everything related to a dog’s body, from physical traits to any predisposition to develop a variety of diseases over time.

Before we initiate the discussion about common genetic diseases in dogs, we must say that most of these conditions are often associated with purebred dogs.

Apparently, mixed-breed dogs are way more resistant when it comes to congenital dog diseases.

There are multiple DNA tests, like the Wisdom Panel breed, the health identification dog DNA test kit, and the Embark breed and ancestry identification, that are helpful if you want to identify various health conditions that your dog might suffer from or be predisposed to.

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