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These 6 Human Foods Are Toxic for Dogs!

Human foods that are toxic for dogs can kill your furry friend!

Even though dogs are somewhere between omnivores and carnivores, they can also be classified as opportunistic herbivores. These lovely four-legged companions have the ability to consume everything from nutrient-packed blueberries to elk antlers, from protein-rich beef muscles to alfalfa and other foods.

Because of that, many owners often consider feeding different food items to their dogs. According to veterinarians, this can be very dangerous since some human foods can be toxic for dogs. Not only can some foods be an irritant for them, but they can even put your pet’s life at risk.

In this article, we’ll round up some of the human foods that are toxic for dogs, along with what researchers have to say about their negative effects on our canine friends.

Let’s get started!

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