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4 Violent Dog Breeds That Often Attack Their Owners

Image By perutskyy From Envato Element

Siberian Husky

Our very own wolf-like dogs, Siberian Huskies, are known to be the dogs that most closely resemble their canine ancestors. And since they are similar in appearance, it would not be surprising to hear that they are also similar in attitude to their wild cousins.

Known to be sled dogs across the winter landscapes, the breed is surprisingly small (weighing about 60 pounds) for how powerful they can be. They are known to be strong and quiet, as well as intelligent and extremely independent. Huskies also have a strong hunting instinct, known to be motivated by catching their prey; thus, any smaller animal and even humans can end up looking like prey to them.

Huskies aren’t known for their aggression or for being dangerous in general; however, due to their instincts, they can easily end up being aggressive despite having no history of such behavior. They were bred to survive in the harsh arctic climate, so it is normal that they would be easily provoked.

Just make sure you never truly challenge a husky, unless you have a quick plan of escape and you think you can outrun a sleigh dog. They can also be trained, so if you plan on getting one, make sure it is on your list!

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