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4 Violent Dog Breeds That Often Attack Their Owners

guard dog
Image By Rita_Kochmarjova From Shutterstock

Why are these breeds more prone to aggression and being labeled as dangerous?

Generally speaking, the dogs we consider to be the most dangerous are not actually the most aggressive. It is something that is generally associated with larger breeds, despite their general disposition.

Think about the chihuahua. They are known to be a territorial and aggressive breed, but people do not think they are dangerous because they are small, and people perceive dogs under 10 pounds as not being a danger to them.

The breeds we have chosen to talk about are not the ones that are dangerous just because we think they could be; rather, we looked at why they were bred back in the data and how big they are. The combination makes them prone to resorting to violence and harming people if they are scared, feel threatened, or believe they have to protect someone.

What makes them potentially dangerous is the fact that they were used as guards or attack dogs, and sometimes because of their bad reputation because people did not train them properly.

It’s important to keep in mind that while we talk about danger levels, all these breeds can be trained, and it has been shown that most of them are extremely affectionate around their families. Dogs aren’t inherently dangerous and vicious, but rather they are not trained properly.

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