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These 5 Safe Dog Breeds Are the Least Likely to Attack!

Which dog breeds are considered safe? Check them out here!

While a lot of us know about the dog breeds that are considered dangerous, how many of us know the safe dog breeds?

Indeed, no matter their breed, any dog can end up being snippy and trying to bite, but there are certain breeds out there that are known to be extremely sweet-tempered as long as they are treated right.

Some of these dog breeds would never snap at their owners, even in cases where they were not treated right, so for good animal owners like yourself, these safe dog breeds would be angels to have around.

When we think about safe, friendly, and affectionate dog breeds, the most popular ones come to mind. The likes of the Labrador and the Golden Retriever are two of these breeds that have made a name for themselves as not only being sweet and loving but also docile and family-oriented. They are easy to train and intelligent.

But what if we told you there are many other safe breeds like them out there?

If you are ready to meet the world’s best-behaved dog breeds that you could make part of your family, make sure you keep on reading!

Keep in mind that even all these breeds, which are considered safe and well-behaved, can act out; any dog that is fearful or feels threatened, frustrated, or defensive can become an aggressive dog, so you should never base your opinions on how they act in those instances.

safe dog breeds
Image By Lari Cavalier From Shutterstock

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is one of the sweetest small dog breeds you could get! The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is indeed connected to Great Britain, as that is where it gets its name, and some even say its manners!

This dog breed is a combination of the best of both worlds; you get the physical elegance and energy of a Spaniel while also getting the gentle nature, cuteness, and attentiveness of a toy breed!

The Cavalier is known for its beauty, regal nature, grace, and even temper, which make them truly deserve the name of King!

These toy spaniels are about 13 inches in height, and they have a sweet face to match their demeanor; the breed’s round, large eyes are full of expression and the breed’s hallmark.

They have four distinct colorways and are known to be adaptable, friendly, easy to train, and loveable.

They get along well with other dogs and also children, and they can easily mold to your lifestyle; be it that you’re more of a homebody or you love to stay active, the Cavalier will be happy to be either or both!

Not to mention, not even these aristocrats can say no to a squirrel chase in the park!


You probably did not expect to see the Boxer on this list, but know that as frightening as they may seem at times when protecting their families, this dog breed is actually made up of sweethearts!

Boxers are known for their affectionate nature, unwavering loyalty, intelligence, dashing good looks, and work ethic! They are the full package, being a dog breed that is always bright and courageous but also loving and silly when the time calls for it.

The Boxer is actually one of America’s favorite dog breeds, given how great they get along with children.

Standing at around 25 inches tall, a healthy boxer is a sight to see, with their short coat and athletic body, not to mention their curious, wrinkled, cute face!

They are playful and patient, which is why they make for great dogs to have around kids, but they are also an amazing watchdog, which will make sure their family is always safe!

A good thing to do with this amazing breed is to make sure you expose them to other dogs and animals, along with lots of people, since they are young, so they can be at peace in any social situation!

dog breeds
Image By tetiana_u From Shutterstock


We cannot leave this loyal, happy-go-lucky pup off our list! Initially bred as a hunting dog, the Beagle is an excellent dog for any family. They do great in the company of other dogs and animals, and they love to be around other people!

They vary in height between 13 and 15, with some under 13 at the shoulder, but they are sturdy, solid dogs that love to exercise and are extremely active.

What sells this dog breed, aside from its amazing nature and patience, is their editable face, which can rival that of the Cavalier.

You need to watch out for their puppy eyes or prepare yourself to be of steel, as they make use of them as often as they can.

Loving, happy, and sociable, the Beagle is a clever and energetic dog breed that just loves to be around people, hence why they are also considered safe. Among all hunting dog breeds in America, the Beagle is the most loved!

Just keep in mind that, due to their high energy and merry nature, they need a lot of playtime and long walks so that you can ensure they are not left restless inside the home!

Any dog is as obedient as it is trained to be. Most dogs are food-motivated, so make sure you do regular training sessions with your pup. This treat pouch is amazing to have on hand and easy to access during these sessions!

Bernese Mountain Dog

Turning our attention to one of the big dog breeds, you will find this striking, beautiful, and sweet dog.

The Bernese Mountain dogs are known for their docile and placid nature, but they are also playful and would love to romp with their owner, to whom they’re loyal to a fault!

Known for its big and imposing stature, this sturdy worker dog stands at an impressive 27 inches at the shoulder.

Yet, it is not a size that should make you fear, as they are definitely known to be family pets. They love their owners and families but are known to be aloof and indifferent to strangers.

Originating from Switzerland, they were initially the brains and brawns of the mountain pastures, as they worked on farms and did all sorts of jobs.

Despite this, they are now known as gentle giants, as they get along marvelously with children and humans in general.

They have their signature silky, smooth, tricolored coats (that needs daily maintenance), and know that they are going to thrive most in cold weather.

safe dog breeds
Image By Pandas From Shutterstock


We end our list with the biggest dog here yet! Even bigger than the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Newfoundland stands at an impressive 28 inches at the shoulder, with males going up to 150 pounds and females anywhere between 100 and 120.

Lovingly known as Newfies, these large dogs are huge teddy bears. They are sweet-tempered and famous for how good of a companion they make to humans.

These majestic dogs are now known to be some of the best ‘nanny dogs’ out there. They are intelligent, patient, and love humans and kids.

They come in a variety of colors, and the signature characteristic of this breed is that they are sweet in temperament.

Newfies are known to be human-loving and gentle giants that make for amazing, loving pets. Despite this, know that owning such a big dog comes with challenges that are not related to their temperament.

Their coats need around-the-clock maintenance, and obviously, getting such a big and heavy dog is not for everyone!

Dog lover? If you are looking for a lifelong companion, there are dog breeds out there that are known for their longevity. Check out the ones who live longest in our article here!


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