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5 Surprising Scents Your Dog HATES to Smell

Did you know that dogs hate these scents?

One of the most important senses a dog has is its sense of smell. And when we look at the fact that their sense of smell is between 10,000 and 100,000 times more acute than that of a human, one can start to understand how they can smell even the smallest of scents that humans do not even perceive.

Dogs’ noses are important as they use them to smell things in their environment, aside from their food, and because they have millions of olfactory receptors, they can easily pick up on scents and even pheromones. This is what helps them identify people and even chemicals that we would never be able to smell.

This is why we should be careful about their noses and the scents they are surrounded by, and since they smell so well, it is obvious that they would definitely hate certain types of scents. Just as we as humans cannot stand certain scents, there are a few out there that are definitely too potent and overpowering for our pups; they cannot help but hate them!

To discover which scents your dog definitely hates because they are too strong and what to keep out of your home, keep on reading!

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