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8 Dog Breeds That Stick to Their Owners Like Glue

Do we deserve dogs?

In the beginning, when humans first interacted with wolves, they had a transactional relationship: “I’ll give you food if you protect my family.” However, gradually, a close bond of friendship was formed. The wolf, which slowly transformed into a dog, became a member of the family.

Sometimes I wonder if we truly deserve them. Because when I come home, my dog is so happy to see me that all my negative thoughts disappear. Even if I just step out to take out the trash or collect the mail, when I return, it’s as if he hasn’t seen me for an entire day.

Some dog breeds cannot live without their owners and invade their whole personal space. These dogs not only stay by your side but also watch over you constantly. Whether you’re considering getting a dog or simply want to find out which breed suits you, discover if the breed you’re looking for is a clingy dog that would never leave your side.

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