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This Funny Dog Can’t Get Enough Of The Slide

In a very unprecedented and unexpected moment, a dog decided to get in on the fun too. He couldn’t get enough of the fun and climbed his way up an 8 foot long ladder. Then without a doubt, he slid down paws first on the slide.

This dog couldn’t help but to make on lookers take out their phones and record this moment. And not only did he go down once, he went down 3 times! His owners looked a bit worried when the last time he barked for help.



An onlooker, a woman named Anabela Cohen decided to take her phone out and capture the moment. This took place at  near by park in her neighborhood in Argentina. She said that she has never seen anything like this is in her life. The dog couldn’t get enough of the slide so he went round and round, no one else was able to use it for a few moments.



After talking to others at the park, Anabela learned that this pups name is Berta. She also learned that this wasn’t the pups first time on the slide. How can you not be happy watching this adorable pup run around in circles! The neighborhood is so thankful for Berta because she brings everyone lots of smiles and joy. They even named this slide “Berta’s Slide” because of her love for it. Now the whole neighborhood will never forget Berta, the courageous and funny dog who mastered the slide.


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