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Woman Halts Her Morning Commute To Save Kitten

It was one rainy morning in Tula, Russia when suddenly a woman halted her car. She noticed in the middle of the road a small furry creature . This small furry creature was a panicking kitten who didn’t know what was going on.

Cars were passing by the kitten with disregard and the woman knew she had to do something. She stopped her car, opened the door and waved to have other cars stop. She waved her hand and stopped the approaching car and approached the kitten.

Luckily, a dash cam recorded this special heroic moment. The woman approached the kitten and made sure it was still breathing. Fortunately, the kitten seemed to be unharmed by any passing traffic. She picked up the kitten and the kitten didn’t seem to have a single scratch on him which is a true miracle. Then, the woman figured that the best choice would be to take the kitten under her care. You can watch the video below to see how quickly this all happened.

After that, the kitten was safe at last in his new caretakers car. However, no one stopped to ask the woman her name as this was a very quick fast-paced moment. We think it is safe to assume that the kitten is now safe and loved in his new owners home. Hopefully, this kitten has now found his forever home. Above all, life started out difficult for this little one. Thankfully, it ended with love and comfort from a stranger.


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