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8 Exotic Animals You Never Knew Existed

Image By Barbara Ash From Shutterstock

#3 Leafy Sea-dragon

These ocean creatures are, in fact, not seahorses! They are a close relative of theirs, and you may have heard of them as leafy or weedy sea dragons. They are some of the most impressive and ornately camouflaged sea creatures, and it is not hard to see why people are fascinated by them.

The reason why they look like they are made out of seaweed is the fact that they grow these lobes out of their skin, giving them the appearance of said underwater plant and hiding them from predators. They keep their disguise all the time, and even when swimming around, they still resemble seaweed.

You can find them around the coast of Australia, and they have been cited as being the favorite species of Sir David Attenborough!

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