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7 Everyday Habits That Put Your Pet in Danger

Have you been putting your pet in harm’s way?

We all love our pets, and we’d never do anything to put them in danger… Well, not intentionally.

From picking out their name to finding the coziest bed, pet parents usually go above and beyond for the snuggliest family member.

We usually follow proper pet care guidance from the vet to ensure our family’s best furry friend will live a long and happy life.

Yet even when we have the best intentions, some ways we prefer to spoil our pets can be problematic, and we don’t always pay enough attention to our pet’s environment.

Sometimes it’s simply slacking on particular needs and safe practices. Others, it’s about a lack of information.

And occasionally, it’s that flawed belief that since nothing bad has happened YET, it probably won’t happen in the future either.

Well, pet experts say these are the 7 most common everyday habits that can harm your pet.

…Do YOU do any of these things?

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