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Want The Most Adorable Puppy? Get One Of These 8 Dog Breeds!

Image By Ashley Marie Violette From Shutterstock

7. Bernese mountain dog

This fluffy giant has a sweet and affectionate nature, and despite his size, he is easygoing and always ready for some cuddles. This breed is native to Switzerland, where they were used as watchdogs for the sheep. They are very intelligent and are able to multitask.

These fluffy cuties don’t mind staying inside, but they prefer being outside, where they can play and explore. Since they have really thick coats, keeping them in a hot climate is not advised.

They are very sociable and love spending time and playing with children. Because they are originally from the mountains, it is only natural for this breed to be one of the best mountain dogs. They love adventures and are always ready to embark on one.

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